Erdogan moves in Turkey .. And his eye on Syria

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Repressive policies and violations are increasing day after day in Turkey, causing a wave of anger, sweeping some Turkish cities, especially in light of the incorrect decisions taken by the Recep Tayyip Erdogan regime towards the Kurds, especially in light of the feed of Erdogan national hatred.  These unexamined decisions caused widespread protests last Tuesday, in which Turkish security forces used tear gas and water cannons; to disperse the demonstrators in Diyarbakir province, southeast of Turkey.  The demonstrations against the government came as the Interior Ministry sacked three mayors belonging to a pro-Kurdish party, in a series of measures that confirmed that the Erdogan regime is implementing a racist policy in the country in a way that does not accept differences, or respect the rights of citizens.  The spark of demonstrations in Diyarbakir is a prelude to a Kurdish uprising against the regime of Recep Erdogan, who is fighting a massive war against the Kurdish people on the political and field level, ignoring that they are part of the fabric of the Turkish state, as well as an active factor in the political and economic fields.
Public and official rejection of the ruling regime of Tamim bin Hamad is growing, not only in the countries that reject the policies of Tamim bin Hamad and his government, but also at the level of allies of the Turkish regime, where the past days have witnessed a heated debate among Turkish circles;  The Turkish rejection of the Qatari role appeared in the positions of the Turkish opposition and the CHP leadership, especially as these leaders see the interventions of Qatar and the expansion of its investments in the country a threat to Ankara, and negatively affect several different aspects, including security and economic.  In light of this rejection, the Turkish newspaper “Zaman” revealed a number of leaders of the opposition Republican People’s Party and parliamentarians to organize a sit-in and demonstrations in the field of “Kent” located in the town of “Ada Bazari” of the city of Sakarya; .  This popular rejection of Erdogan’s policies, in which he tries to strengthen his economic position, is an objection letter addressed to Tamim bin Hamad, that enough terrorism and evil, Turkey does not tolerate further interventions, and the common interests between Erdogan and Tamim serve neither Ankara nor Doha.
Demonstrations follow Tamim bin Hamad .. and sit-in in Turkey
Turkey in a dilemma .. Saudis demand to boycott Ankara
Turkey continues to drain Qatari funds under the auspices of Hamdeen
3:15 AM - 26 August, 2019
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